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If you have a painted (solid color stain is the same as paint) deck you have learned the hard way that paint does not hold up on horizontal surfaces

Due to the nature of wood, paint simply can’t adhere to horizontal surfaces over the long run. It is common for the sun exposed side of a board to be 50 degrees hotter than the bottom side. This causes the warm side of the wood to contract while the bottom cool side stays swelled. This constant swelling and shrinking, churning and twisting make it impossible for paint to adhere to the surface of the wood; the result is peeling paint..

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Roof to Deck Restoration can restore your painted deck to where you will enjoy your deck again with family and friends. Power washing and stripping agents are not able to remove paint. Using a variety of different sanders, we will remove the paint from the walking surfaces of your deck as well as the top of the handrails and seating surfaces. We then seal/stain the sanded portions with a semi-transparent penetrating stain that will allow your wood grain to show through again. The vertical portions of your deck will be painted (it is not possible to effectively or economically sand the vertical portions of a deck).The final result is a beautiful deck.

The following steps are used to restore, beautify and protect your wood from the elements:

  1. In most cases on our first visit, using a number of different types of sanders (drum, orbital, recipricating) we remove as much of the old coating as possible from your horizontal surfaces. As mentioned above, the current coating is not able to be safely stripped or removed using a power washer.
  2. On our second visit, using a power washer, we apply a cleaning agent to gently clean (not strip) and prepare the vertical portions of the deck (spindles, fascia, supports posts, etc.) that will be painted. Our process is environmentally friendly and will not harm your pets, plants or grass.
  3. Then the wood is treated with a neutralizing agent that will brighten the wood and prepare it for our sealer/stain and paint. The wood is then allowed to dry over the next couple of days depending on the weather.
  4. On our third visit, we return and test the wood with an electronic moisture meter to insure the wood is dry. The moisture content of the wood must be at 12% or less for the the sealer/stain to bond properly.
  5. Using a solid color stain or paint, we paint the vertical surfaces of your deck by hand.
  6. We seal/stain your horizontal areas by hand (we do not use sprayers) with a penetrating oil based semi-transparent sealer/stain that we warranty to not crack or peel. The sealer/stain protects your wood from the sun’s harmful UV rays, resists algae and moss, and repels water.
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