Limited Warranty Information

We at Roof to Deck Restoration take our responsibility for caring for your home or business very seriously.

We have been certified in wood restoration by the Power Washers of North America.  Roof to Deck Restoration’s training program is the most advanced in the industry and consists of DVD training and field training with a certified trainer.  In addition, we are continuously looking for even better restoration methods, new advanced equipment and tools, and additional training at seminars and trade events.  Rest assured you have chosen the right people for your project.


Our prorated limited warranty programs are designed to give you peace of mind and real value.  Because of the many different types of wood, concrete, asphalt and composite materials; the many different environments such as very sunny, somewhat sunny, shady, very shady, high traffic areas, pet traffic, pools, hot tubs, etc.; along with the many different expectations people have, we have a prorated warranty for most of the services we offer.  Simply put, there is a life expectancy for the services we offer.  If for any reason you believe the results are falling short of what you had expected, we will redo the area in question at a prorated charge for the original homeowner (see specific service for details).  The prorated warranty is for the original time period and is not perpetual.

The following is an example of a deck where the spindles and vertical areas look great but the walking surfaces of the deck did not perform as expected or hoped for:

  • Original price of the project was $600.00
  • The floor portion of the deck was $300.00
  • Contact was made by the customer 1 year after the project was restored
  • Horizontal surfaces are expected to last 2 years
  • .5 (12 months divided by 24 months) multiplied by $300.00 is $150.00 to re-clean and re-stain the walking surfaces

The example above is how the prorated warranty will be handled on any and all service related and warranty related claims.