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Has your home begun to look older than it really is?

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First impressions last. This statement has always been true when it comes to homes. A variety of harsh elements stick onto the external walls of your home and cause damage eventually. Some of the things that may make your home unappealing include acid rain, algae, molds, and a wide variety of pollutants.

Acid rains can weaken the metal components of your exteriors through corrosion. They can also cause brick crumbling. The acidic precipitation can damage marble and limestone in a similar fashion.

Algae thrive in moisture. They can cause irremediable damages to low quality siding materials. Even if your sidings are made of vinyl, the real damage of algae may be seen underneath them. Often, these exterior panels are nailed directly into the wood, the sealers and other components of which are a favorite food of algae.

Molds don’t only stain your home’s exteriors. When there’s an extensive contamination, molds can cause allergic reactions and other ailments. They can also eat away at the vulnerable areas of a structure.

When faced with these problems, you can always turn to Roof to Deck. We offer complete exterior house cleaning services.

Have winters and springs gone by without cleaning your home’s exterior? Have us make your home beautiful by removing unsightly dirt, streaks and stains that can be harmful to your home’s siding. If those stains are allowed to sit long enough, they will become permanent.

We offer pressure washing for homes that use the following siding materials:

  • Vinyl
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Painted Siding
  • Stucco