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Outdoor Wood
deck cleaning
Maintenance of your deck, fence and outdoor wood is essential to long life and the enjoyment that you receive from them.
Asphalt Roofs
asphalt roofs
Asphalt & Fiberglass roofs can get streaked and stained.  Those stains are caused by algae that can be killed and cleaned away.
Cedar Shake Roofs
cedar shake roofs
Clean and seal your Cedar Shake roof to beautify and extend the life of your expensive roof.
Exterior of Houses
house washing
Services include Exterior House Washing, Cedar/Log Home Cleaning & Staining.
Concrete Surfaces
concrete driveways
This area of our services includes concrete driveways, sidewalks, and patios. Keep your property looking great with cleaning and sealing.

Welcome to Roof-to-Deck Restoration
Specializing in exterior wood restoration and roof cleaning.

Roof-to-Deck Restoration is America's largest roof and deck cleaning company serving locations throughout the Twin Cities.

To receive a free quote, please call our toll free number 1-877-687-3639 or fill out the form below. You don’t have be home to receive your free quote! You can also reach us on any of our local numbers at 651-699-3504 or 952-352-9986 or 763-559-1832.

Our Services

  • Cleaning and Sealing/Staining of Wood Decks, Fences, Play Systems, Gazebos, Docks, and Other Exterior Wood

  • Cleaning, Sealing/Staining and Repair of Cedar Shake Roofs

  • Cleaning of Asphalt Roofs (Removal of Black Streaks, Stains and Moss)

  • Cedar Siding and Log Home Cleaning and Staining

  • Exterior House Washing

  • Concrete Cleaning and Sealing

  • Gutter Cleaning

  • Ice Dam Removal

  • Holiday and Special Event Lighting


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Roof-to-Deck - Twin Cities
1410 Energy Park Drive, Suite 6
Saint Paul, MN 55108

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Deck Cleaning and Staining
Fence Cleaning and Staining
Play System Cleaning and Staining
Gazebo Cleaning and Staining
Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning and Sealing
Asphalt Roof Cleaning
Log Home or Cedar Siding Cleaning and Staining
Exterior House Washing
Concrete Cleaning and Sealing
Gutter Cleaning
Holiday Lighting and Decorating

Ice Dam Removal

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