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Ice Dams
Ice Dams can cause serious damage to your home by forcing water to back up underneath your shingles and into your home.
Asphalt Roofs
Asphalt & Fiberglass roofs can get streaked and stained.  Those stains are caused by algae that can be killed and cleaned away.
Cedar Shake Roofs
Clean and seal your Cedar Shake roof to beautify and extend the life of your expensive roof.
Wood & Deck Restoration
Maintenance of your deck, fence and outdoor wood is essential and it adds to your enjoyment.
Exterior of Houses
Services include Exterior House Washing, Cedar/Log Home Cleaning and Staining.
Concrete Surfaces
This area of our services includes driveways, sidewalks, and patios. Keep your property looking great with cleaning and sealing.

Experts in Ice Dam Removal and Roof Raking

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Protect your roof and home from the hazards of snow and ice dams and improper removal
methods. When snow and ice dams are threatening your home or business, call us. We take great pride in our years of experience.


The Problem

When water is leaking from electrical outlets and coming through the ceiling, you need someone who you know is going to fix the problem without creating additional problems.  We have many years of experience to handle your ice and snow problems. 

The Solution

We use hot water to remove ice from roofs.  We do not use hammers or hatchets.  Hot water (steaming) is the only method to safely remove ice without damaging your roof or gutters.  It is the only method we use.


Snow Removal

Snow that melts and refreezes is what creates and allows ice dams to grow and cause damage.  Removing snow is your best defense to prevent ice dams from forming.



Our employees are insured with workers comp. and we carry $2,000,000.00 in liability insurance.

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